Confessions of a wannabe shopaholic.

My name is Fadzayi and I’m a wannabe shopaholic!  Yes you heard me wannabe.

Shopaholic is a term used to describe individuals who consider themselves as addicted to shopping.
A “wannabe” (slang for “want to be”) is a person with an ambition to be someone or something that they are not.

I love to shop, maybe even a bit compulsive but do I really qualify to wear the label of a shopaholic?  Lets analyze my shopping habits for a while…

Like any girl out there with a little ching to get herself some extra bling, I love new clothes, shoes handbags, earrings, scarves blah blah blah!  As you can tell the list of the stuff I love to buy is infinite, Retail Therapy is the cure to my mental illness and I have to get my fix.  The thrill of walking into my favourite designer boutique or department store, finding that insane piece of couture I suddenly realize I NEED, trying it on and it fits my voluptuous curves like a glove then making a dash for the pay point and swiping that card is the equivalent of eating a giant slice of blueberry cheesecake, totally sinful but oh so delicious!

Then as I throw my shopping bags into the boot of my car, the high I felt from my escapade starts to die and as I drive home it dies even more.  By the time I get home and take my bags out of the boot I am suffering from the dreaded buyer’s remorse, “why did I do it” I wail to myself “I don’t even go to cocktail parties! So why oh why did I just buy a bright blue taffeta and lace cocktail dress!” .  When I walk into my bedroom I dump the now hideous dress and its matching shoes on the other side of my bed and then I meditate and try to forget about the extra R1600 I just added to my already burgeoning Store credit card.

1 week later when I finally get round to cleaning my room, I find yes you guessed it, the shopping bag still lying on the floor on the side of my bed dusty, abandoned and ugly and to top it all off all the desert I have been eating over the past few days to get over my buyer’s remorse means I can’t even zip up the damn dress!  I stash it in the back of my closet where I won’t have to see it anymore and I forget it, along with many of its sisters I have loved, bought, hated and then hidden.

Sometimes these items are re-discovered and suddenly become my most cherished items of clothing but often they are given away to family or packed in a suitcases full of other unwanted clothes.

So does this make me a shopaholic? The answer surprisingly is NO.
1. I will not impoverish myself (any further than I am already) to buy something new, I only do it if I can afford it.
2. I don’t do it all the time; I can go for weeks without going shopping and not have withdrawal symptoms
3. I don’t spend all my time thinking and obsessing about things I need to buy.

I have a healthy love of new things and spending my hard earned cash, I am responsible and intelligent and in full (ok almost full) control of my faculties.  Yes sometimes I have terrible judgment when it comes to buying stuff but I get over it and move on, in fact I have 2 closets full of clothes and shoes I love and wear all the time.  So calling myself a shopaholic is like calling someone who had a second helping of potatoes at dinner a bulimic.  I might think I’m a shopaholic but the honest to goodness truth is that I’m a wannabe, I love to be associated with people who shop till they drop -drop what exactly?  I love to claim I have more shoes than I know where to put them, but honestly I have like 50 pairs of shoes half of which are mangled and scuffed and no longer suitable for wear.. I’m just still really attached to them.

So ladies if your cupboard is full of overpriced designer couture with the label still hanging on it, 3000 pairs of shoes in a warehouse somewhere, enough jewels to make the Queen jealous, you shop regardless of the adverse consequences and the bill collectors about to attach your grandmother’s house and your name is not Imelda Marcos then you are a bonafide shopaholic.

But if you enjoy some healthy retail therapy occasionally and sometimes hate your purchases but still love the idea of being a shopaholic you can be a wannabe like me!

Well that’s just according me.


My First Blog Ever!

With the amount of words that come out of my mouth every day, I decided I’d spare your ears and enlighten your minds by blogging! So please watch this space as I plan on bringing you humorous and entertaining blogs on life and the world from my point of view or as I like to say…. According to Fadzi!