Relationship Advice

Now its been said “opinions are like a**holes, everyone’s got one” especially when it comes to relationships.  I admit I do dabble in couples and relationship therapy every so often, but do I have a certificate nailed on the wall qualifying me to do that… Hell no!  It’s my opinion and I am entitled to it and its up to you to use your own common sense filters to decide what advice to take and what advice to let go in through one ear and out the other!

Relationship advice is normally based on bad experiences; broken hearts and bad mistakes.  Does that mean once your hearts been broken a few times you are now the master of how to avoid heart break?  Evidently not seeing as it has happened to you more than once and sorry to say may still happen again.  Does being in a bad marriage give you the responsibility of making sure marriage never takes place on this earth… EVER?  Of course not because as bad as your marriage is people are still getting married and enjoying loving and fulfilling unions.  If you are a Playa and you believe that happiness comes from having 8 baby mamas 13 kids and 5 on the way does that make you an expert on women and qualified to give other men advice on women?  No it doesn’t playa.

Why do people feel they have to advise you on your relationship?  Well firstly because you asked for their advice. Secondly because they care about you and they want to help your relationship or thirdly they know your relationship is good and they are jealous and just want to give you some help to mess it all up!  Either way, it is your responsibility to decide what action you will take because nobody knows your man or woman better than you do, so why would you accept what Joe Soap there tells you is the best way to deal with an issue in your relationship.

This reminds me of a young wife whose husband was being a bit cantankerous, some friends told her men liked things to be changed around often so she needed to change her furniture around every day get a new hairdo more regularly and change things up in the bedroom more often too! Well after 1 month of coming home to a different furniture set up, hairstyle and sex the man got tired and left! Reason, he said if he wanted to be with a different woman in a different house every day he wouldn’t have gotten married!  Now I’m not saying that changing things up is wrong I’m saying different strokes for different folks, what works for Sheena is not necessarily going to work for Tamara and just because Timothys wife likes picnics doesn’t mean Jasons girlfriend will.

A relationship is supposed to be between two people who love, trust and commit to each other. Not him, her, his cousin, her sisters baby daddys mama or his grandmama! Nobody knows the tiny little details of how you met, your first date and why you fell in love with that person so why would you let someone else come and tell you how you should feel and act towards them?

As humans we will always want to give you advice, sometimes its good and sometimes it aint worth a thing.  Choose who and what you want to listen to, obey your instincts, but follow your heart and for goodness sake use your own common sense!

But that’s just according to me!


One thought on “Relationship Advice

  1. von says:

    Haaa coz honestly thoz pple wil help u mess it up definately been ther

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