No Means No!… I mean it!

So the holidays are here and we are all gearing up for the silly season, partying and getting wasted will certainly be the order of the day.  You might therefore be wondering why I have this rather odd looking poster headlining my article.  Well this poster is part of an Ad campaign by the Pennsylvania Liquor Board intended as a warning about the increased risk for rape when women drink heavily.  Apparently the advertiser had to pull the campaign because people felt that it implied people who got raped when they were drunk had themselves to blame.

I personally think it is absurd to imply that anyone is to blame for such a heinous violation of their bodies or that they were looking for it.  I did however decide to read what the campaign said and think about this from the advertisers point of view.

We all know that alcohol alters judgement drastically and anyone who has polished off a bottle of wine and then found themselves drunk-texting their ex or crying because their grandfather died… in 1987, will know that once you pass your alcohol threshold you have no control of yourself, your thinking capacity is totally altered and your logic is completely lost.

What we know about people who commit these crimes is that they are sick opportunists with no fear of law, consequence or respect for life.  These people will attack and rape a woman fully clothed from head to toe and completely sober, they rape grandmothers and little children, you don’t have to be passed out drunk for them to rape you… but it does make it much easier for them.

Lets look at it another way.  We all know that burglary is illegal, burglars break into your house and steal your property and sometimes hurt and even kill people in their homes.  Now because burglary is illegal, would you leave your doors wide open, alarm switched off and your dogs tucked into a warm bed at night?  Technically its your house and you can do whatever you want to do with it is it not? If Mr Burglar comes creeping in and finds the doors open and takes your HD 3D TV and all your other equally precious belongings clearly he is the one in the wrong because he entered your property and took what did not belong to him! Yes Mr Burglar is wrong because he broke the law, but you sure did make it damn easy for him to do it.  The first question the police will ask when they arrive, “were your doors locked, and was your alarm on?”  Speaking from experience it is a very annoying question to be asked when you are mourning the loss of your stuff!

Back to the party, as we have said before rapists are cowardly opportunists, they wait for the right moment to attack, it could be a sober woman in a dark corner on her own or it could be a woman so drunk the room is spinning and she cant tell whether she is going left or right.  Our opportunist can choose, he can take the sober woman who will scream, fight and probably bite his ear off or he can have the drunk girl, who is confused disorientated and pretty close to losing consciousness.  DON’T BE THE DRUNK GIRL!

How can we party have a good time but stay safe this holiday?

1. Know your limit!  If you are tipsy after 2 drinks, stop and rather alternate drinks with some water. Don’t push your luck.

2. Don’t leave your drinks unattended. (opportunists might decide to help you along with a date rape drug) Watch as your drinks are being served. If you feel ill or light-headed, telephone for a taxi to take you home straight away.

3. DO NOT leave your friends alone and drunk.

4.DO NOT be left behind by your friends.

5. Tell other people where you are going.

6.Be aware of public bathrooms in clubs and bars. Women have been attacked in the ladies room if it is deserted.

7. Do not let a stranger offer to take you home

Remember that in any situation, alcohol or drugs will impair your ability to be in control. Don’t become a statistic stay safe and enjoy responsibly.

Its only because I love you!





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